Saturday, February 2, 2013

This Mommy Attended The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2013

In the midst of my busy schedule which got even crazier with the current construction of our house's second floor, I was able to make it to the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2013 yesterday held at Thunderbird Resort Rizal. Thanks to my friends Mauie Flores and Iris Acosta, Iris Pulga and I came as their guests. :-)
While a lot that were taught were pretty basic. There were a few that I learned anew. Few as those are, it added value to my perception about blogging and gave me some ideas on how I can further influence through the posts I publish.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lost in the City

The above screenshot was prepared for me by my husband last night as I was scheduled to have a meeting with a new client this morning. With all the confidence that I can muster I went along and took the route I was instructed to go. I took the shuttle. This is really frustrating for me. My being bad at directions despite having a GPS is not a very convenient thing for me. Being lost in the city is not uncommon to me already. But because I really would rather not be inconvenienced of going around in circles especially where I went to today - Makati (with all its one-way streets and crazy route), commuting does not sound so bad. 

I just had to appease myself as I went through with my adventure today that there are always people I can approach and ask just in case I get lost. I only got lost twice today. The second time was really the fault of Kuya Guard who had me walk two blocks away when the building I was suppose to get in was way past already. If it were not for my husband who I can call the whole time, I must have landed in Nowhere City instead of that building in Salcedo Village in Makati. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Message

Yesterday, I woke up feeling sore all over and I don't know why. It felt like I'm coming down with some does or something. Today, I woke up feeling even worse. I only got to attend the morning service at Eastwood. 

It was a great message by Pastor Lance at church. I'm pasting here the notes I typed away on my mobile. 

Testimony: Count the Cost 
Text: Matt.10:37-39 

1. Love the Lord. 1John 1:2 

2. Carry your Cross. Jude 1:20 
*Why would Paul glory in the Cross? 
-he knew the PERSON of the Cross. 
- he knew the POWER of the Cross. 
- he knew the PURPOSE of the Cross. 

3. Sacrifice your life. Matt.10:39 
*What happens when we count the cost and respond to the Cross? a.It shows that we are true disciples. b.It shows a life lived well. Matt.5 c.Well testify that we are children of the King. 2Cor.5:20

Friday, January 25, 2013


I have failed not once but two times over this past week. First, I have missed more than a couple in my one blog post per day project.
And again, in yesterday's Project Overlook Dare. Can I just sulk for a while and collect myself?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Night of Frustrations

I came home yesterday from a client meeting really upset because ds has not finished a single subject. One of those days when homeschooling is extra challenging. As opposed to finishing his goals of 5pages per subject, he only finished 10 pages of Math. To add insult to injury, his nails are bitten off again. Just when I thanked him a couple of days back for not biting his nails anymore. After getting reprimanded, he said sorry and promises to prove himself. A word he himself picked. We did end the day with prayer and him sleeping with us.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Visit to the Dentist

My son has had two of his non-permanent molars filled already last year. But with our current dentist's rate of P850/filling, we were convinced by my husband's mom to go check with her friend dentist.
It is our first time to see Dra. Aurora Dellosa and we're praying that she will give us more affordable package. We are grateful to know that she gives discount to pastors and ministers. DS also had 4 of his molars treated with dental sealants last year for 550 per molar. We only recently found out that we can avail of the same at our neighborhood dentist for only P400. It always pays to be wise in our choices, especially when it comes to expenses such as this. The cost difference when summed up in total can mean a great deal.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Sunday!

We are now off to L&B Suites for SBC Makati's 2PM and 4PM worship services.
Our usual route every Sunday is c5, from Eastwood to Makati. Today we are expectant of what God is going to do as He meets the people who will choose to worship Him today.